Chewstick Winter Retreat 2013

The Chewstick Foundation is kicking off its 2013 Retreat series with an invitation for local the community to share their passions, talents and voices. Following an awe-inspiring evening of poetry for social change participants will embark on a powerful weekend of deepening with a diverse group of people all focused on relaxation, self-reflection and fun. The first Chewstick Foundation Retreat of 2013 on Port’s Island, will include a presentation by award winning poet, lyricist, educator, social activist and Program Coordinator for  Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement ,  Denice Frohman alongside an array of local presenters at various stages in their areas of interest.

Denice FrohmanMs. Frohman believes in the power of using our creative voices in order to establish social change and has dedicated her talents to empowering others to do the same. Her workshop will encourage participants to delve deeply into the issues that concern and affect them, they will then be challenged to create a piece that encapsulates that issue in a way that can effect change. Ms. Frohman joins a roster of talented international presenters who have attended and shared at previous retreats, including international speaker, authour and entreprenuer Danya Steele, poet and educator Samantha Thornhill, and a team of presenters from North of Eden. It is always a pleasure to have guests at the retreat, supporters from across the globe are welcome to make the trek to Bermuda to experience this beautiful getaway while connecting with a cross section of its residents in a deep and meaningful way.

Staples of the Retreat series, such as creative writing, guitar basics, healthy cooking and yoga will be on offer, as well as new and exciting additions as participants sign up and offer their interests. If you are a person who likes to play chess, tell stories, paint or pontificate on aspects of life with others, the retreat is for you! In addition to the break out sessions, there is free time to reflect and to get inspired by the beautiful surrounding of Port’s Island,  activities such as head-wrapping how to’s, Bocce (Chewstick’s official game), hiking, fishing (provide own equipment) and the Retreat fireside where all participants share a new skill, story, poem, song or anecdote and everyone gets to participate in the always  fun, sing along vibe.

The Retreats are focused on personal and interpersonal connection and provide an opportunity to remove the distractions of everyday life and foster camaraderie in a safe space, off the main island of Bermuda. There is time for solitude, skills-building, collaboration, fun and creativity, participants can unplug from their cell phones and the worries of daily living and give in to a totally creative weekend.

Break-out Sessions are 1.5-3 hour workshops that offer insight into a variety of fields that all help participants to deepen personally and collectively. They are led by passionate people that want to share their fields of expertise and personal experience in a safe and organic environment. All attendees are invited (though not required) to submit a Break-out Session option for consideration, and everyone who attends is expected to bring a passion for learning and sharing. There are 3 Break-Out Sessions scheduled for each Retreat, with up to 12 options to choose from. We don’t know who will attend well in advance, so it is difficult to let you know what each Retreat will offer specifically, but if you’d like to lead a session include a brief description in  the sign up sheet, we will let you know as soon as possible if yours has been accepted (there’s a discount for facilitators). Some useful information is below:

What do Participants Need to Bring?
The Retreats alternate between Ports Island and Paget Island, two of the most beautiful and fully equipped islands in Bermuda. Unlike traditional “camping”, each island is fully equipped with plenty of beds, full kitchen and dining areas and bathroom facilities –making this excursion quite the opposite of “roughing it”, but you still need to bring a few things.
Pillow, Bedding, Sleeping Bag and/or something to keep you warm
Clothing (2 sets of day wear/night wear etc. recommended)
Sneakers, Sandals, Boots etc.
Swimsuit/Swim Shoes
Towel (bath and swim towels recommended)
Good vibes
Any snacks you may want
Chair (if you don’t bring it, be prepared to sit on the ground!)
Any other tools you need for your craft (musical instruments, notepad, sketchbook, art supplies, etc.) If unsure, contact us for more information.
Lotion, sunscreen, hand sanitizer etc.
Bug repellant (though we haven’t had any problems with mosquitoes etc.)
Games (no electronic games please)

Please Do Not Bring:
Bad vibes
Portable game systems
Any illicit substances or materials
Anything you cannot carry yourself

Under 18
We are proud to be able to offer the opportunity for young people ages 6-18 to be able to attend and participate. The youngest will be taken care of by a child care provider away from the different workshops, while those willing and able to participate in deepening activities will be allowed to. Those under 18 will be required to get parental consent as well as an over 18 chaperon. If a chaperone cannot be identified we would be willing to ask other mature attendees if one would be able to be a personal chaperone for you. Please inquire well in advance if you will be bringing a child or if you need a chaperone.

The Chewstick Foundation has always encouraged participants to unplug from their cell phones and the worries of daily living and give in to a totally relaxing weekend. Space is limited for this special event and we are inviting participants to take part in a journey along with roughly 40 participants for this tremendous, life-changing personal adventure. Participants depart from the dock on Friday evening at 6pm and are returned to the mainland on Sunday evening at 2pm. Sign-ups can be made by phone on 292-2439 or by e-mailing your information to Cash or Credit Cards accepted; please make checks payable to The Chewstick Foundation. Payments can be made Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm at The Chewstick Foundation headquarters on the corner of Court Street and Elliot Street.The price breakdown is as follows: General: $200 | Members: $150 | Under 18: $85 | Parent & Child (under 18): $250 ($50 each additional child), early bird registration discounts available until February 1, 2013.

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