Mary Prince Crowd Fund Event: Delijah | With: Marvo, Haz, Olivia Hamilton

MaryPrince_Delijah_websiteSaturday, January 26,2013 Delijah Symonds, a talented, driven and ambitious young singer will be featured at The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge & Café in an effort to fundraise for a tremendous opportunity for global travel, artistic growth, networking and community service. Delijah has been accepted as part of the cast of Up With People for two semesters. Her beautiful voice has earned her the acceptance but Delijah needs the support of the community to make her dream of performing, learning, and growing as part of the UWP cast a reality, the entire year is expected to cost $30,000; which is a challenge for Delijah as she is a recent graduate of the Berkeley Institute and full-time student at the Bermuda College.  MaryPrince_DelijahWEB

Despite the steep price, Delijah is committed to embarking on this once in a lifetime journey, with a series of fundraising performances and collaborations in store for 2013 and with the support of the Up With People Alumni Organization.  Of this experience Delijah says, “Up With People will allow me to do the things I love most, travelling, singing, dancing, acting, helping others, as well as performing.” Delijah has been busy, over the past year, earning donations at Destinations Dockyard with her Madness Mondays performances and games, holding numerous bakesales and headlining a showcase at the Southampton Princess on November 8, 2012. Delijah, known by her audiences as “Lijah” is focused on doing everything she can, to not only pay for the program, but to also broaden her understanding of world cultures, the performance industry and experience what it is like to tour with a dynamic group of young people from across the globe.

Ms. Symonds has had the opportunity to perform throughout the island in a number of productions and has recently been invited as part of the lineup for the Mint Condition show this February. After her service with Up With People, Delijah anticipates going on to study Performing Arts-Music Theatre and Entertainment Law. She also aspires to become a Broadway Performer and to one day, see her name in flashing lights on The Lion King Broadway Performance as lead role ‘Nalah’. The performance at The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge & Cafe will be an opportunity for Delijah to share the talent that earned her this tremendous honor as well as to celebrate the talents of friends, family and collaborators, Haz, Olivia Hamilton and Marvo.

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Do not miss the opportunity to experience the celebration of artists’ stories, to achieve progress and empowerment. Delijah is taking this opportunity seriously and this is only one in a variety of ventures dedicated to raising the funds to realize this young woman’s dream. Beginning Monday, January 21 through to February 22nd supporters can go to to make a donation to support Delijah or buy a ticket to see this array of local talents, all proceeds from online donations and the entry price will go to support Delijah Symonds’participation in the Up With People Global Tour. For more information on how you can help or keep up to date on her journey and progress visit as often as you can.All performances are streamed live right here and stored in the Chewstick archives to share the experience with supporters from around the world. Tickets are $10 online or  a donation at the door with proceeds going to fund Delijah Symonds’s Up With People tuition. Advance payment for the event and donations can be made at Time and seating is limited so get your tickets early! For more information call 292-2439 (CHEW), or email


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