Advanced Poetry Workshop with Denice Frohman


On Sunday, February 17th at 6pm Denice Frohman will present a workshop to uncover personal stories in each participant to establish the beauty each of us can create when given a safe space to do it. She will present exercises to help participants to approach writing differently and to understand the boundaries that we put on ourselves, often times unnecessarily.

Participation in the Sunday evening workshop is $20, free for Retreat participants. SIGN UP IN ADVANCE BY EMAILING! For more on Denice Frohman visit or visit the other Chewstick article for information on her performance and Chewstick’s Retreat program.

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  1. Deidra Lee says:

    This workshop was really amazing. It gave me an understanding of different ways to approach my writing and added a few new things to my toolkit. Thank you Denice.

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