ARS Poetica | Summer Poetry Series | Curated by Yesha Townsend

This Summer Yesha Townsend in conjunction with The Chewstick Foundation will curate an event to celebrate the beauty and artistry that is “poetry”. The “Ars Poetica” series will take place the third Thursday of every month to allow the genre of poetry to be featured on its own uninterrupted night, as each poet is given the time to have a focused view of their work, to have it stand on its own and be experienced, interpreted and pontificated upon in the same way as visual art or theatre. Ars Poetica simply broken down means the art of poetry, about the poetry, about the poets delivering it, uninterrupted, unyielding.

June 20th 2013 Laurel Monkman | Alan Smith | Stephan Johnstone

It is poetry at its rawest and purest. Join us at the Chewstick Foundation June 20th , July (TBA) and August 22nd for this monthly series which will feature three poets each night, doors open 7pm for an 8pm start. Entry is $10 part proceeds to fund the ChewSLAM Teen Poetry Club’s participation in the 16th Annual Brave New Voices Poetry Festival taking place in Chicago. 

Location: The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge & Cafe
July 18: Dejon “Flow” Simons, Deidra-Lee Bean, Vejay Steede
August 29th: Kim Dismont-Robinson, Lauren Francis, Nick Hutchings, Tiffany Paynter
Doors open 7pm | Show starts 8pm
Entry fee $10 at the door and on
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