Blue Halo presents Philippe Cousteau


Wednesday, August 7th, Bermuda Blue Halo will present Philippe-Pierre Cousteau, Jr., explorer, social entrepreneur, environmental advocate, and part of a legacy of marine awareness and conservation that began with his grand father Jacques-Yves Cousteau – one of the greatest and most innovative marine conservationists the world has ever known.

Philippe Cousteau is making waves in his own right as president and Co-Founder of EarthEcho an organization founded to continue the work of his father and grandfather. Earth Echo encourages youth to take action to protect our water planet.

The evening will feature a casual dialogue with questions and answers fielded by Philippe Cousteau discussing key oceanic environmental issues. Attendees will also be treated to the conscious acoustic reggae of the Three Kings (Aswad, Live Wires, Jules). Musicians, community members and artists are invited to share in a relaxed atmosphere which has been made possible by the Bermuda Blue Halo Project. Donations are welcome and vibes will be priceless, share a drink, a smile and learn more about Philippe Cousteau and Bermuda Blue Halo.

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