ChewSLAM Brave New Voices Show & Tell


Participants in the Chewstick Foundation’s Teen Poetry & Spoken Word Club would like to invite the community to a special presentation taking place at The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge on Saturday August 24 2013, 8pm -10pm. The groups is eager to show photos, videos and some of the poetry and stories from their recent participation in the 16th Annual Brave New Voices Poetry & Spoken Word Festival that took place this year in Chicago . The cost will be $10, with proceeds going toward participation in Brave New Voices 2014.

The ChewSLAM program is helps develop public speaking, community consciousness, collaboration and literacy, and most of all encourages young people to speak up about the things that matter to them most and to know that they are not alone. The opportunity to share on the issues that matter to them with youth from around the globe is a tremendous step in for the ChewSLAM group to claim their place as the leaders of their generation.

ChewSLAM was able to reach their financial goal for participation this year through generous donations from The Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Bermuda Arts Council, John & Jean Campbell which all added to revenue generated through their fundraising events and personal efforts as well as a financially successful Beachfest Emancipation Celebration. Show & Tell will not only be an appropriate thank you to all those that came forward in support of the group’s efforts, but also show the rest of Bermuda their skills, how they represented Bermuda and speak about the quantifiable benefits of the Brave New Voices experience.

Brave New Voices is a program run by a poetry and spoken word charity called Youth Speaks and is an annual opportunity to represent Bermuda internationally while providing an opportunity for growth and development for this group of Bermuda teens. The program term runs from October through August each year so that a new group of young people will have the opportunity to join the group whose focus is not the competition but the overall cultivation of well rounded individuals who have a voice and the tools to get their message and perspectives heard.

The community can support this year round program by contributing to the donation page on, supporting the indiegogo campaign, inviting the group to perform at local events and taking notice of their future projects. For further information on this and additional Chewstick Foundation programs, call their office at 292-2439, email or visit

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