Live Fridays with Conscious Bermuda | Sat. James Richardson Jam – 9pm | $10

Local entertainers will be celebrated this weekend at The Chewstick Lounge starting with Roots reggae band “Conscious Bermuda”, taking the stage for the continuation of The Chewstick Foundation’s Live Fridays series, on Friday, June 20th at 9p.m. Then Saturday James Richardson will host a Jam Session as after the Bermuda Musician’s Jam taking place earlier […]

Bermuda Day Celebration Weekend | Drum Circle | Float Building | Fire & Ice | Block Party

We’ll be celebrating Heritage Day all weekend at The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge. Come through join in, inspire or be inspired. Festivities will kick off 7pm on Friday, May 23rd with a Pre-African Liberation Day Drum Circle featuring Bermuda Donquili African Drummers & Dancers and your Chewstick Friends. This will be an evening featuring acoustic instruments […]

Griot Sessions: Joanne Ball-Burgess | opening act Matthew Johnston | 8pm | $10

Poet, dancer, writer and philanthropist, Joanne Ball Burgess will be sharing her talents and her story at The Chewstick Lounge this Saturday, as the latest creative to present a Griot Session, a program whose focus is to showcase local talent showcases local talent celebrate the Bermuda story and invite audiences to take a deeper look […]