Chewstick Jouvert Truck | Heritage Day – Sign Up Now!


Join The Chewstick Foundation as we continue our tradition of bringing color, creativity and years of righteous vibes by taking the festivities to the streets as a part of the Heritage Day Parade!! Carrying on our Bermuda Day tradition of Music and Paint, we will be adding Costumes, Flags, Stilt Walkers and even Powder! This will be a bash like no other that has the added element of partnering with Bacardi Limited in celebration of 50 Years in Support  of the Arts in Bermuda. We’ll be completing a Chewstick Community Art Program mural along the route and are inviting artists, community members and talented folk any genre to get involved. If you like to have a great time, to get messy and dress up – lets goooooo!!! (((AIRHOOOOORRNNN)))


Builders, Painters, Business Folk, Artists etc

Costume colors:
White, Gold (Metallic),Denim (wear expendable denim/base clothing and then we’ll add components to finish and unify the look).

Participants receive:
Mask, T-Shirt, Dust Mask, Body Paint, Jouvert Paint & Powder, snacks in the morning, refreshments throughout the day and more.

Costume Components are limited and will be prioritized in order of registration. Sign up here!

Cost: $40 for Chewstick members & programme participants, $60 for non-members.


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