Chew Stories of Hope – Chewstick’s 14th Anniversary

Celebrate The Chewstick Foundation’s 14th Anniversary at an event featuring stories of hope from Chewfam throughout our evolution. Enjoy, laugh and learn while supporting the vibes.

DATE: Friday, January 6, 2017
TIME: Reception: 7 PM Showtime: 8 PM
LOCATION: City Hall’s Earl Cameron Theatre
TICKETS: $30 General, $15 Youth, $100 Patrons – available at the door and online at

The Chewstick Foundation (Bermuda Registered Charity #857) is celebrating their 14th anniversary this Friday, January 6, 2017 with a celebratory fundraiser entitled, “Chew Stories of Hope” at the Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall.

The Chewstick Foundation founder and Executive Director, Gavin Djata Smith explains, “14 years ago, we created Chewstick as a place to express yourself and share your story. We have had helped foster the voices of countless talents, witnessed incredible performances, and participated in numerous community-focused events that used the arts as outreach. We have suffered some heartbreaking losses over that time: of friends, family, locations, and most recently the devastating fire that destroyed our new custom-built Culture Hub along with all of our equipment and cultural artefacts. But the thing that we have seen over the last 14 years but particularly within the past 6 months is a profound sense of hope within our community. They believe that Bermuda needs Chewstick, and that motivation is what has driven us to continue to fundraise and seek options for The Chewstick Foundation’s future.”

“Chew Stories of Hope” will feature stories, songs, and poetry from Chewstick legends and youth participants alike, including: Kassie Caines, the Miles Manders Band, Kidd Clazzic, Spring Flower, John Seymour, ChaVon K. Clarke,, the Bean Family, Carlita Lodge, Glenn Fubler, and Alba Fernandez. There will also be a special tribute to Bermudian musical luminary Lance Hayward by John C. Woolridge and original bandmate Clarence “Tootsie” Bean.

Deidra-Lee Bean, Operations Manager comments, “We often laugh that, as storytellers, Chewstick has never done a good job at telling our own story. We have been too busy creating events and opportunities to fulfil The Chewstick Foundation’s mission to empower storytelling, creative expression, and social justice to enrich youth, arts, culture, and community. It has been the support of artists and audiences that have propelled us to where we are today. The Chewstick Culture Hub was being used as a resource, sanctuary, and neutral space for creatives and other charities and grassroots groups. In losing that space, we have heard even more from the supporters of the arts how important it is that we continue our work. It is hard to describe what exactly it is about Chewstick that inspires the feeling of hope in our community, so we have asked some of our dedicated artists to share what it means to them.”

The Chewstick Foundation has provided a consistent platform for developing Bermuda talents and is consistently referred to as the only home for the local creative community. This will be one of Chewstick’s first large-scale events following the fire that destroyed their home at 81 Front Street in July 2016, and the organisation hopes that the 14th Anniversary event will help raise funds for their future endeavours.

“Chew Stories of Hope” is this Friday, January 6, 2017 at the Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall beginning with a 7:00 PM reception and 8:00 PM showtime. Tickets are available at or at the door for $30 (general admission), $15 (youth), or $100 (patron). Drinks and other merchandise will also be available for purchase. Cash or credit/debit cards will be accepted.

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