Concert featuring Fiyah Marshall |opening performance by King Cami Cam| $10 | 9pm


Fiyah Marshall of Hot Fiyah Sounds Entertainment will be featured in an evening, sharing his unique musical style, that fuses reggae and  island vibes with an ever-widening expanse of sounds crossing multiple genres creating what has been called “Urban Dancehall”.

Fiyah’s music  style has always been described as a cross between Sean Paul, Shaggy, and Sean Kingston. To quote nationally syndicated DJ of 15 markets VJ Kidd Leow (93.3 FLZ & many more stations), “Fiyah Marshall is the total package, an artist full of drive, devotion, talent and the look that is unstoppable!”

This event, will be taking place at The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge on the corner of Elliot Street and Court Street and feature both Canjelae Taylor and Cami Cam as opening acts.

It will be a treat for anyone who appreciates great music and good vibes. Entry is $10 ($5 for members), payable at the door.Time: 10pm (doors open 8pm).

Fiyah has been truly blessed with the skills, charm, and looks it takes to be successful. He carries a motivation to make music for the masses that just won’t quit. On Saturday, September 20th, he will share his hit singles “Summer Love”, “Secret Fantasy”, “Never Stop”, “Rollin It”, “Shakin It”, “Ya Kill Me”, “Take You Away”,  and “VIP Wasted”, all tracks that are currently pumping through speakers internationally. This year he will also release a new album entitled “Blazin”, which will be one of the hottest albums of the year; featuring international platinum artists such as Jadakiss, Twista, Cassidy, platinum reggae artist Marlon Asher (Ganja Farmer), hit rapper Acafool (Hata Blockaz), DJ Trans (Get it Ma Get It, Ride Out)  and many more surprises! Stay tuned for the Fiyah to be BLAZIN in 2014 from Bermuda’s hottest artist!

For more information on Fiyah Marshall, visit or check out his Facebook or Reverbnation. Email for questions on the show. Come through and experience live, local entertainment in a comfortable and conscious space.

Twitter: @fiyahmarshall
Instagram: fiyah_marshall

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