Conscious Bermuda @ Chewstick

This Friday Roots reggae band “Conscious Bermuda”, will be taking the stage for the continuation of The Chewstick Foundation’s Live Fridays series.

Live Fridays is a program that helps to break down barriers and support emerging talent that helps to revitalize arts and culture and tourism. Conscious are no strangers to Bermuda’s entertainment scene as they are a band that came together as the best of Bermuda’s reggae bands; they definitely have a very chilled out energy that will make for a very interesting night.

The whole band is eager to grace the Chewstick stage and bring their talent and inventive, soothing vibes to Bermuda in a different way. This is a tremendous opportunity to experience each of these artists performing live and unplugged at the Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge & Cafe. It is guaranteed to be a relaxing and uplifting event. Tickets are only $10, payable at the door. For more information call 292-2439 or email

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