Over the years we’ve received some of the same questions over and over and over and over. Here are some of the answers. For even more insight check out our History page

What is a Chewstick?
So Why Is Chewstick Called Chewstick?
What is a Griot (gree•oh)
What is a Neo-Griot (nee•oh-gree•oh)?
Can you explain Neo-Griot?
How can I perform at Chewstick?
Do I need to buy tickets?
What kind of performances can I expect?
Can 'my kind of people' come to Chewstick?
Can I get involved with Chewstick?
Can I sell my CD, book, etc. at Chewstick?
Does Chewstick do anything else?
Can Chewstick do something for/with my organization?
Can I bring my child to Chewstick?





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