Mikado Grant

Artist Statement: I like to think of myself as an abstract artist. I LOVE the freedom of playing around with color and texture. Whether it be scrap paper, notebooks or sometimes even on myself; you will always find me doodling. Each piece I do has its own story or meaning. I like the idea of having a story to go along with art work because it gives the piece more meaning for the audience and makes them think. Music is my best friend while painting. The concentration becomes very real lol.

Bio: I’m a graduate of the Class of 2015 from Bermuda College, with my Associate Degree in Art & Design. I aspire to be a graphic artist and photographer while doing a little painting on the side. I’ve always had a love for any form of art since I was young. It could be dancing, painting, drawing, sewing all of the above, you name it, and I’m there for it all.

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