Neal J.F Morris (NealJhay)

Artist Statement: Art is more than just fun! Art is LIFE!

Bio: Everyday, every night, I wake up and go to sleep! Creativity and art stays on my mind when I open and close my eyes!” Art has become apart of NealJhay’s life from a young, tender age and has now become his main source and reason for his hunger in the art world! “Now that I’m 27 years of age, I find creativity, color, art in everything I do! Even in what I say! I don’t speak just words, I speak colors, boldness, I speak shapes!” Life is an adventure for NealJhay, continuing on the path of making a name for himself artistically and building his brand! His style? Abstract art! “I love the freedom of expression! Abstract art has no boundaries and that’s what I like! Mr. Ed Smith always said, ‘Why does something have to be complete to be completed?’ Ever since then, whether I complete a piece or have pieces missing, it’s still a Masterpiece… just left to the interpretation of the viewer!

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