Trevor Todd

Bio: Trevor Todd’s journey is a culmination of world travelling, self-healing, and the pursuit of inner peace. These three tenets are readily reflected in his poetry, his healing modalities, and now his art. With a strong emphasis on personal development and self discovery, Trevor exposes us to, not only the realities of a culture in turmoil, but also to the facets of life that we can use as vehicles to explore ourselves.

Trevor’s journey in art started with a tale of exploration in the land down under, Australia. His study of dots and lines captured the essence of the culture, as well as his rite of passage into the aboriginal culture. After returning from Australia, Trevor found that that he wanted to push himself both artistically
and spiritually.

Trevor’s exploration of symbols reflected his exploration of the foundations of consciousness. Unlike his first series, his paintings spoke an abstract message that could found in a reoccurring dream. His use of vivid colours, strategically placed portraits, and household artifacts created a dreamscape reflective of Klimt.

The Colour and Sound exhibit represents Trevor’s journey into self healing. A complete removal from his first two endeavours, these pieces represented the healing of personal scars that inhibited his creativity and childlike enthusiasm. Added to his ever growing artistic repertoire, Colour and Sound represent a rekindled freedom of expression that has contributed to his holistic development.

Trevor’s most recent and ambitious endeavor focused on the various depictions of slavery that existed on his home island of Bermuda. The combination of crude burlap, drift wood, and seaweed captured the historical essence of the slave trade while simultaneously creating an atmosphere wrought with lamentation.

Trevor is now looking forward to continuing his journey of self-discovery and embracing all vehicles that encourage his holistic growth.

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