Focusing on Culture Hub Completion in 2016

After much consideration, we regret to inform friends, supporters and the community that The Chewstick Foundation will not be producing Bermuda’s Good Friday KiteFest or Bermuda’s Annual BEACHFEST Emancipation Celebration in 2016, in order to focus our limited resources toward the completion of the, as yet unopened, Chewstick Culture Hub at 81 Front Street, in efforts to provide a more comprehensive community resource for Bermuda.


Volunteers at the Chewstick Culture Hub

These events require significant manpower and investment: financially, administratively, and logistically, and unfortunately due to challenges with funding and capacity, we simply cannot do them. While it is unfortunate to forego these events this year, we hope this will put us in a stronger position to deliver improved and more sustainable community events for 2017 and beyond.


Taking down the framing

By focusing on The Culture Hub we can provide a safe space for learning, diverse convergence and positive interaction for Bermuda’s polarized community. This tool will create ongoing opportunities to heal age old wounds that stifle collective growth, and will help to fortify and strengthen Bermuda’s creative community. At this time we need to focus on doing all we can to get the doors of the new Culture Hub open. We appreciate understanding, during these challenging times and are grateful for your support over this past year and look forward to increased partnerships, success and vibrancy into the future. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and encourage people to participate in the season; whether it be flying kites in the neighborhood, joining in the festivities in St. David’s, or enjoying the natural atmosphere at Horseshoe Bay Beach”


Good Friday KiteFest 2015

We hope to return to Horseshoe Bay in 2017 with a revitalized Good Friday KiteFest and BEACHFEST, and aim to showcase both events as leading examples of Bermuda’s culture, history, entertainment and community.

If you are willing and able to help in the efforts to complete The Chewstick Culture Club, you are encouraged to get involved by calling 292 2439 or emailing

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