Gavin Djata Smith: Acoustic Griot opening act Sheri Scott


Singer/Songwriter and Executive Director of the Chewstick Foundation, Gavin ‘Djata’ Smith will be featured in the LAST EVER concert night to happen The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge, Elliot Street location.

He will be true to his folksy beginnings while also sharing a number of coverss and collaboarative pieces as he helps Chewstick’s supporters bid farewell to this era of The Chewstick Movement.

Djata will take the audiences on an adventure like no other in an unforgettable night, which will also feature the haunting vocals of Sheri Scott… don’t miss it as this is last chance for a Friday night at Chewstick!!

Feature: Gavin Djata Smith
Opening Act: Sheri Scott
Date : Friday, November 28, 2014
Time: Doors open 8pm | Show starts 9pm
Location: The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge
Cost: $15

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