Joan Butterfield

Joan Butterfield

Artist Statement: It has been my aim from the onset of my career, to produce art that will become a vehicle that aesthetically links my past to my future. I continue to document and educate myself and others about my rich culture and heritage. I have endeavored over the course of my journey to present an artistic, positive, presentation, of the African Diaspora.. In my latest collection, I strive to honour my commitment to the journey. Most of the images in my new collection, were taken while on safari in east Africa and on a resent trip to my home country of Bermuda. I was challenged to find a new way to convey the richness, the vitality and exotic beauty of a people and a land. I needed to find or create an art form that would allow me to capture and emit the bold, beautiful and vibrant colours required to interpret and convey my vision. The magic of photo artistry allows me to do such. It gives me the freedom to create works with brilliant colour combinations and fascinating patterns. Works that intrigue and allows room for the viewers own interpretation. My aim when creating and producing my works is that they are engaging, raise awareness and hopefully stimulate dialogue.

Bio: A practicing artist for over 30 years. Produced and sold over 8,000 works of art, that can now be found in both Private and Corporate Collections, Museums, Universities, Hospitals, Libraries and City Halls through-out the world. Produced, curated and exhibited in over 300 solo and group exhibits, in the USA and Canada.

Art Director of the Association of African-Canadian Artists, the largest Canadian Art Organization dedicated to the support, development and sharing of original works of art, produced by artists of African-Canadian heritage.

Creator, Producer and Curator of the critically acclaimed COLOURblind travelling art exhibits, that kicks off during Black History Month and for the past 20 years has been showcased in corporate and public spaces through-out the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Developed and Curated numerous exhibit for fortune 500 companies, and educational institutions throughout Canada and the USA.

Producer and Curator of the annual art exhibit for the Socitiabank Caribana Festival, largest cultural festival in North America. Served as a member of their board of directors for 5 years. Produced and guest curated three of the festival art exhibits at the “”Royal Ontario Museum”” Toronto Canada.

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