To empower one, to enrich all.


The Chewstick Foundation empowers storytelling, creative expression and social justice to enrich youth, arts, culture and community.

To fulfill our Mission The Chewstick Foundation:

• Provides opportunities for expression.
• Brings people together from a variety of backgrounds.
• Provides opportunities for artistic & cultural stimulation and growth.
• Executes in a polished and effective manner.
• Focuses on the core audience first, then invites the world.
• Enhances our projects by using technology.
• Is socially responsible and politically astute.
• Protects the brand while aggressively increasing its awareness.
• Utilises the talents of those willing to contribute.
• Learns from the past, focuses on the present and plans for the future.
• Documents every initiative.
• Maximizes income to advance The Chewstick Foundation.
• Creates solutions that are creative, thorough and collaborative.

The Four Pillars of Principle

Respect. Freedom. Love. Truth.

Social Issues Chewstick addresses:

• Lack of creative outlets for youth of today
• Lack of opportunities for performing artists to develop & grow
• Social Segregation in community
• Lack of appealing social programs for community members between the ages of 16 and 40
• Lack of alternatives for “at risk” demographics
• Lack of pride in local culture
• Lack of live, local entertainment options

What we do

The Chewstick Headquarters is located at 81 Front Street between Onion Jack’s and Astwood Dickinson. The location was previously the Carole Holding Art Studio and at over 200 years is one of the oldest buildings in the City of Hamilton and actually housed the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for its first 100 years. we provide individuals the opportunity to better understand themselves, each other and the world. We change lives by inspiring people to live their dream. Our events create opportunities to bring our divided community together and help heal age old wounds by creating the opportunity for people to express themselves and understand each other in an environment of peace. By supporting our events you enable us to continue our programs and expand them island wide and beyond.

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