Sharla presents “Waste” opening act Edwina Grant | $10 | 9pm

“Waste” is part of an art project about human interest which focuses on the human desire to accumulate material wealth. Through spoken word and visual art, Sharla Bean offers a very personal account of the effects of “waste” as it pertains to society and consumption. Her work is very honest and straightforward and seeks to connect the audience with her through the open expression of the vulnerabilities we share, as part of the human family. Jules (of the Ital Foundation) will accompany this beautiful poet on guitar.

Enjoy the vibes, celebrate live entertainment at its best, and experience the Bermuda story in its many forms.This is an opportunity to support local talent and share in this young woman’s journey as she boldly shares the many facets of her life trials, tribulations, observations and ultimate joys. Admission is $10 at the door.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience an awe-inspiring performance while being a part of the celebration of artists’ stories, to achieve progress and empowerment. This is guaranteed to be a relaxing, enjoyable and uplifting event. Enjoy the vibes; celebrate this talented poet as she takes us on the poetic wanderings of her mind.

Opening act, Edwina Grant is also guaranteed to charm with her beautiful vocals and raw talent in this amazing night.

Saturday, August 30th
Feature: Sharlalala
Opening Act: Edwina Grant
Doors open: 8pm | Show starts 9pm
Price $10

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