The Chewstick Culture Hub Project

What is the Chewstick Culture Hub?

The Chewstick Foundation has grown from a bi-weekly open mic forum into Bermuda’s leading cultural and performing arts charity. Over the course of our evolution we have seen that in order to strengthen the creative arts industry in Bermuda it is essential to provide not only opportunities to perform but also a safe space to share ideas, collaborate and spotlight the wealth of talent, ingenuity and culture that Bermuda has to offer.

The Chewstick Culture Hub will be a place for the convergence of people from all walks of life and physical abilitAccessiblePhotoies. A vital part of our mission is to create and maintain a safe space where all people can come together to share, understand and feel empowered in order to enrich our community and collective consciousness. In line with this goal, The Hub will include the installation of access ramps throughout, as well as the construction of a bathroom made to accessibility specifications. Despite the increased cost of accessible fixtures and ramps we are committed to creating a fully accessible space, and providing the only fully accessible bathroom on Front Street.

Safe Space
In Bermuda there is the potential for alternative lifestyles as well as those of us who may be a bit more “mainstream” to feel like there is no place to be accepted and no place to truly express our feelings, thoughts and perspective. As a movement whose focus is on storytelling and creative expression, it is important that everyone has a voice and a platform that is conducive to sharing, and to create an environment conducive to truthfulness and authentic inter-personal and cultural growth. The Chewstick Culture Hub will be a safe space for all of Bermuda’s community by providing unique opportunities for Bermuda’s diverse and niche communities to converge, and grow an appreciative understanding of each other and the world.

Resource Centre
After 5 years at our Court Street home, and months of reflection since ouKlazz_Flagr move, we have refocused and regrouped to deliver the comprehensive solution that will be The Chewstick Culture Hub. A purpose built facility to better connect people with resources and opportunities, supporting their instinctive strengths, assets and expertise to empower the community.

Industry Development
Cultural and creative industries are undergoing considerable change as a result of increased digital technologies and a greater recognition of their potential contribution to the economy. The Chewstick Culture Hub will be a platform to connect creatives with each other and to use the latest innovations to make positive impact in lives and community toward making stronger: creative, tourism and entertainment industries.

We need your help to build it.
It requires a substantial amount of work and funding to bring this ambitious vision to reality. If you are willing and able to help, in any way, we need you now. Please get in touch, and get involved, by emailing, becoming a Member or making a donation, any amount will help and we truly appreciate your contribution.

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