The Chewstick Foundation has always had a mandate to assist, support and partner with organizations that align with or compliment our mission. This has ranged from providing technical support, a safe space to host activities or even consultancy to help garner new support or maximise community and technological resources. One organization cannot be all things to all people and so we have also pushed ourselves to better serve the community by actively cultivating relationships with organizations and people that can help us to not only fulfill our mission, but also further support the individuals and community we work with. Below is a listing of some of our past and ongoing allies:


The Family Centre

Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda

The Bermuda Blue Halo Project

Bermudian Artists Rise Up (BARU)

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB)

The Bermuda National Gallery



SpredLuv Collective (London, UK)

Youth Speaks (San Francisco, USA)

Brave New Voices (San Francisco, USA)

Philly Youth Poetry Movement (Philadelphia, USA)

Little Globe (New Mexico, USA)

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