Bermuda Day Celebration Weekend | Drum Circle | Float Building | Fire & Ice | Block Party


We’ll be celebrating Heritage Day all weekend at The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge. Come through join in, inspire or be inspired. Festivities will kick off 7pm on Friday, May 23rd with a Pre-African Liberation Day Drum Circle featuring Bermuda Donquili African Drummers & Dancers and your Chewstick Friends. This will be an evening featuring acoustic instruments from across traditions of cultural expression. There’ll be drums, bells, tambourines and whatever else YOU bring.

The best part about the event is that everybody can do it; joining a drum circle is a good way of socializing, releasing pent up energy, meeting new people… and it is so enjoyable! Feel free to come through if dancing is your thing as we be moving to the beat well into the night!

Saturday, May 24th the celebrations continue as we’re at it again with an amazing float with musicians, singers, paint, powder fun and entertainment … for the One People Paint Powder Party Truck! Before we take the streets on Monday we need help to put the finishing touches on the float and gear up for epic party vibes!

Grab a hammer, glitter, a paint brush, nails and a good attitude to get ready to take to the streets to celebrate our culture, good vibes, and unity across culture, color and creed. Help build the float, have a drink, wild out to good music, paint, glue, staple and more. Stop by the lounge early Saturday evening (about 5pm), or join Haile (and crew) in the parking lot from about 10am, ready to turn up and make it happen! Bring gear that can get messy, nuff good vibes and let’s make the parade just a little better! Check out this link if you want to join the float vibes on the parade route.

Saturday night will also feature a concert with Fire & Ice, starting at 9pm. Following the Hardcore Float Construction for One People Paint Powder Party Truck they’ll kick off Saturday night with their mix of culture, soul, reggae are guaranteed to make you feel the music in your heart.

This is a night that should not be missed as their musicianship and vocals are sure to have you out of your seat swaying to the music. With opening act Kevina-Lorae’ this will definitely be a night to titillate the senses and leave you craving more!

Following the parade on Monday, May 26th from 6pm until 1am, Court Street will be a vibrant hub of music, enterprise and camaraderie as The Chewstick Foundation, The Economic Empowerment Zone Agency (EEZA) and the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation host the Bermuda Day Bakatown Block Party, with support from The Corporation of Hamilton.

This free event will highlight dj’s, vendors and area businesses. The Bermuda Bakatown Block Party will breathe new life into the tradition of residents, businesses and parade revelers settling in on Court Street to not only celebrate the cultural heritage of Bermuda but to enjoy and appreciate the value of the North Hamilton area, its people and its history.

Chewstick Foundation Executive Director Gavin Djata Smith says “back in the day, when the Parade ended at Bernard’s Park, this was the people’s tradition, and was built on DJ’s like Playbwoy, SouljahOne, Genesis and others. We aim to build on that heritage and develop this into a more comprehensive event in years to come because events like these bring people together and help to heal Bermuda.”

We’d like to see some of the floats from the Bermuda Day Parade come by to enhance the atmosphere. If any floats would like to be added please contact The Chewstick Foundation in advance to arrange security access and parking. The Bermuda Police Service will be on hand to ensure the safety and security of the event. For more information contact the Chewstick Foundation at 292 2439, or visit

Come through to one or all of these events for an Extravaganza Celebration of Bermuda’s Heritage!

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