Chewstick Community Art Program Creates Bermuda Flag Mural

Chewstick has organized the painting of a mural on Front Street, bringing national pride to life with a large example of Bermuda’s flag.
Chewstick_CCAP_BermudaFlagMural2015As The Chewstick Foundation completes upgrades to the new Chewstick Culture Hub, currently under renovation at 81 Front Street, they have remained committed to uplifting the public consciousness through their off-site programming, most recently demonstrated through the completion of a large Bermuda Flag mural at the No.1 Car Park on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

A group of more than 20 volunteers completed the mural overnight, as the latest installation produced as part of the Chewstick Community Art Program, which has consistently delivered murals throughout the island since its inception in 2011.

Over the course of the year, while transitioning into their new headquarters, The Chewstick Culture Hub at 81 Front Street, The Chewstick Foundation has produced small and large scale cultural events and completed several community murals throughout Bermuda.
Chewstick_CCAP_BermudaFlagMural2015_lIn addition to the Bermuda Flag Mural at No. 1 Car Park and the Chancery Lane Poetry Steps, completed through the Corporation of Hamilton, two murals were completed at the Union Street Headquarters of the Bermuda Industrial Union, depicting Dr. E.F. Gordon and Dr. Barbara Ball, icons in the history of the B.I.U. and the evolution of Bermuda’s political and social growth.

The Chewstick Community Art program also unveiled an installation at the Bacardi Limited headquarters, as part of Bacardi’s 50 Year Anniversary in Bermuda. Clearwater Middle School’s Art Teacher, Angela Ming-Bean served as lead artist for a CCAP mural portrait in honour of Dr. Charlotte Ming at the Clearwater Middle School.

Chewstick also presented two 4ft x 8ft plywood paintings, one depicting a Bermudiana Flower and the other musician and entertainment icon, Gene Steede, completed along the route at the Bermuda Heritage Day Parade as The Chewstick Foundation presented their art cart to showcase community art in motion.

Chewstick Foundation Operations Manager Deidra-Lee Bean said, “Each mural has been a pleasure to create and has demonstrated the power of art, to not only beautify an area but also to spark conversations on history, culture and the story of Bermuda.”

The Chewstick Community Art Program is one of the many initiatives that The Chewstick Foundation delivers with the mission to empower storytelling, creative expression and social justice to enrich youth arts culture and community.

It is only with the support of the community that these programs can continue, as The Chewstick Foundation approaches the completion of the Chewstick Culture Hub, the general public are being invited and encouraged to lend a helping hand to bring friends, family and talents to share and to participate in activities happening at the Chewstick Culture Hub over the holiday season, starting Wednesday, December 16th, 2015 and continuing until January 3rd, 2016, to help raise the funds needed to complete The Chewstick Culture Hub.

The Chewstick Foundation is committed to reintroducing their hub based programming at the new Chewstick Culture Hub and actively collaborating with other charities and organization to break down social barriers. By supporting them you enable The Chewstick Foundation to continue to focus on enriching our island home through community art installations, cultural enrichment events and delivering artist and industry development programming.

New and innovative ideas for how to help Chewstick thrive are welcome, those interested in volunteering for the Chewstick Foundation to help complete the hub, get involved with community art, share ideas and strengthen existing initiatives can call The Chewstick Foundation office at 292-2439, email or visit for more information.

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