Chewstick Foundation Begins Mural Series with The Bermuda Industrial Union


In honour of the 50 year anniversary of the 1965 BELCO strike, The Chewstick Foundation fast-tracked a project they had been working on for a while. On February 2nd they continued with the Community Art Program by installing the first of a series of murals that will decorate the Bermuda Industrial Union headquarters, celebrating the incredible history and leadership of this esteemed organization.

The community was invited to participate in painting a mural highlighting the contribution of Dr. E. F. Gordon during the 50th Anniversary “Night of Reflection” that took place at B.I.U. headquarters. Artists and non-artists were encouraged to attend and participated in the creation of this historic mural.

A number of people ranging from Public Works Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, to B.I.U. President Chris Furbert, B.I.U. members and volunteers and staff from The Chewstick Foundation added a brush stroke and paint to create a masterful work of art. The Chewstick Foundation will return to include some more information on Dr. Gordon’s tenure at the helm of the Bermuda Industrial Union. Stay tuned!

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