Griot Sessions: Joanne Ball-Burgess | opening act Matthew Johnston | 8pm | $10


Poet, dancer, writer and philanthropist, Joanne Ball Burgess will be sharing her talents and her story at The Chewstick Lounge this Saturday, as the latest creative to present a Griot Session, a program whose focus is to showcase local talent showcases local talent celebrate the Bermuda story and invite audiences to take a deeper look into the the different forms and journeys of creative expression.

Mrs Burgess is the author of ‘The Lizard and the Rock’, as well as a talented dancer and poet. She has risen to celebrity status in Nairobi, Kenya and during her short time in Bermuda she will present her experiences, lessons learned and the multiple facets of her art. Joanne has expressed that dance can be used as a tool for social change and truly emulates the power of creativity, self-expression and openness to break down barriers and authentically connect with other cultures.

Her performance will be a testament to her adventures, creativity and skills as a storyteller she’ll seamlessly weave a tapestry that will include elements of her international travels, kind spirit, flair and rhythm. Matthew Johnston as opening act is a perfect pairing as he always takes listeners on a journey with his words, which will definitely make this a night to remember.

Date: Saturday, May 16th
Time: Doors open 7pm | Show starts 8pm (or when there are people in the place)
Feature: Joanne Ball-Burgess
Opening Act: Matthew Johnston
Price: $10 | $5 for members

The performance will be an unforgettable experience as Joanne effortlessly weaves a multitude of inspirations to achieve a style and rhythm of her own. Entry for the event is $10 ($5 for members), payable at the door. Seating is limited so get your there early, the show starts at 9pm or when there are people in the seats. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this combination of different art forms, dynamic talent and inspiring art. For more information call 292-2439 or email

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