Thank you for your interest in officially joining The Chewstick Family. Your support will help The Chewstick Foundation to further the positive community vibes and establish a lasting impact in Bermuda and the world. The Chewstick you know and love is constantly evolving to accomplish the mission to empower Storytelling, Creative Expression and Social Justice to enrich Youth, Arts, Culture and Community. With your support there is no stopping this movement for positive change! Membership has a lot of great benefits, but the best one is knowing that you are helping a great cause! Thank you for your support and participation.

Check out the different Membership Levels below and select the one that works for you. Applications for Membership may be submitted at any time and are valid for one year (beginning May 1st annually) for a minimum fee of $100 ($30 for Students). New Members can collect your Membership Card within one week of receipt of payment from The Chewstick Foundation Headquarters at 81 Front Street.

2016 Chewstick Membership Levels

Membership Fee Open-Mic
Chewstick Events Pass* Chewstick Discounts** Facility Rental***
Student $30
Member $100
Champion $250 FREE
Bronze Champion $500 FREE + 1 50% OFF
Gold Champion $1,000+ FREE + 2 1 FREE
* Some Chewstick Events may not be included.
** Discounts on Rentals, Services, Programmes, Events, Merchandise and with partner Companies.
*** Subject to availability, must book Facility at least 2 months in advance.


If you like what ya seeing and want to officially be a part of the Chewstick fam, please fill out the form below, or send us an email if you have any further questions.

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