One People Paint Powder Party Truck | May 26


The Chewstick Foundation is at it again for their Heritage Day Parade and all the good vibes before and after the parade. The road is calling and begging for us to Mash it up with Positive, People, Paint. and Powder. MADNESS is forthcoming!!

Sign up via theRegistration link, vibes for the day includes:

– Costume Package
– Pre-party @ The Chewstick Lounge
– Lunch and Refreshments on the parade route
– DJ’s and Live acts as you dance thru the capital!
– Free admission to the Bakatown Afterparty
– Paint, Water, Powder (A clean zone too)
….and more fun than any body else is having on the parade route.

If you’ve ever experienced Chewpocalypse before then you know this will be EPIC.

Registration Prices:
Non Member: $60
Members: $40
Student (u-18): $20

General Registration closes May 20th. Limited Late Registration May 21-23 (while supplies last)

Chewpocalypse Package Collection: May 21-23 @ The Chewstick Foundation

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